Gavdi Denmark

Gavdi Denmark was the first company established within the Gavdi Group and it is still the largest. Gavdi Denmark offers the entire range of our services and it is also the turning point for our services within Application Management and hosting.

Gavdi Denmark is the market leader in the Danish market for SAP HR and our customer base consists of some of the largest private and public companies in Denmark.

Gavdi DK and SKI -Statens and Kommunernes Indkøbs Service (National Procurement Ltd. Denmark) - have established a framework agreement 02.15 on 1 March 2009 for the delivery of IT consulting services - counselling, resources and specialists. Signing of the framework agreement is a natural consequence of Gavdi’s long time collaboration with clients in the public sector. This also resulted in Gavdi and SKI being included in the 02.18 Framework Agreement in 2008 for the delivery of system solutions, projects and maintenance

Gavdi DK is a certified SAP service partner and is the largest dedicated SAP HR consulting company in Denmark.

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Gavdi Copenhagen
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Gavdi Randers
Marsvej 3
8960 Randers SØ
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Søren Koppelhus
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